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    Genrem - Gender Remembrance, Project co-funded by the European Commission's Europe for Citizens Programme

    The GENREM focuses the attention of European citizens in the totalitarian era and the legacy left to the countries involved in the recent past, with the full inclusion of underrepresented groups of citizens.

    3 and 3 different countries totalitarianism facets are observed: Portugal and was Salazar; Bulgaria and communism; and Italy and the fascist period.

    As women living under totalitarian regimes and overcoming it - how they have contributed significantly to the current target of conscience and common origin of the European Union will be the theme of all events organized in 4 countries and to involve the maximum number of citizens, in particular youth, women and disabled persons: no. estimated at ca. 1000, divided into seven different events (conferences, happenings, exhibitions ...).

    Since the last decades, the EU has lived a relatively long period of peace and economic development. But recently the economic crisis and the terrorist attacks generated fear, undermining European integrity, along with right-wing movements.

    In our contemporary lives, the memory connected to the totalitarian regimes of the last century, the war is quite absent, while women still struggle to prevent discrimination and to assert a gender perspective in all aspects of public and private life.

    The GENREM recall the attention of the citizens and in particular young people on the centrality of women to affirm democratic principles: the basis of the EU today.


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